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Do you appreciate Disney movies as much as I do? I know they may not be the most top to bottom films accessible, but instead I understand the great clean nature, so they are a good time for the entire family. One of my most loved parts of Disney movies is the music. They typically have beautiful tunes that influence you to need to chime in.

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-Walt Disney

Music, especially Disney music has been a consistent inspiration for my soul and work ever since I can remember. I am not sure if The Walt Disney Company specifically wanted to be a “Disney theme” that it has become, or if the idea of that just grew out of their first fans?

I believe it to be a bit of both.

It’s tremendous popularity, continued radio play at the time, various versions, etc. didn’t happen by accident. It even spawned a jazz version!

It’s essential, because it put a musical stake in the ground, and is a tremendous statement about what I am going to coin: The Music of Reassurance.

I believe that having a musical theme assists the guest with even further orientation as to what, exactly, is a company’s mission statement.

Music touches the heart and the emotions in ways that other mediums just can’t.

As well, the fact that this musical piece is tied to a very successful animated feature film makes that much more culturally significant.

I think that having just one musical theme is very important, vs. having several. If you have many themes, this can lead to confusion. Sometimes, a company will attempt to do this, and rarely does this exist to enhance the mission statement.

Indeed, The Walt Disney Company has many musical tunes that are thematic and emblematic of what their mission is. It takes incredible focus, and the ability to laser in on the expectations of your guest to then, in turn, deliver consistent product after product that drives our mission statement so passionately.

If done correctly, this music has the power to be heard and reverberated throughout the world, sung and played to soothe the stresses of everyday life.

Here are, what I find to be some of the more powerful words from the song:

Just as the fairy godmother turned Pinocchio from a puppet into a real live boy, so to would like the listening of this song make one think about their place in life, and how to be a better human being.

Every time I hear this powerful ballad, my heart opens up and it propels me to be even more creative, and also, think about being a better person to my fellow man.

What this says to me is that if you keep at your dreams, really focus, and don’t give up, you can do everything your heart desires.

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