Least Popular Disney Movies

It seems every movie fan, old and young alike, knows the name of Walt Disney from his contribution of animated classics to the film
industry. In the recent past, the commercials, the merchandise, and other film promotions appear to be reserved for the most famous Walt animated movies. This explains why when you ask any movie fan about Disney featured films he/she will remember The Lion King, Cinderella, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid. However, over the years, Walt has made many excellent animated movies, but some
of them are less appreciated or rather, they are not well-known. So, what are the least popular Disney films to date? Here below are some of them:

The Three Caballeros

If you have been following Disney’s animated classics series, then perhaps you may have heard of The Three Caballeros. It is the seventh film in the series featuring Donald Duck together with his two allies, Panchito Pistoles and Jose Caroca. The film is made of several engaging and unique segments, but with a similar theme. It was released in 1945 in America. In 1977, it was re-launched and it is still available up to date.

The Rescuers Down Under

If you have watched Disney’s Rescuers Animated Classics, then you may have heard of The Rescuers Down Under. It is the twenty-ninth film in the series and a sequel of The Rescuers. It is centered around Margery Sharp’s novels. The storyline is based on tow mice; Bernard, the jittery janitor, and Miss Bianca, the classy character. Both characters are on a mission to rescue needy children through their society. Although least popular, the film is still watched because of its stellar animations and touching storylines.

Brother Bear

Released in 2003, the Brother Bear is one of the Walt Disney’s animated feature films that is still watched to date, though its presence in the film promotions is minute. The film showcase three brothers who made a trip back to their tribe, where one of the brothers, dubbed Kenai, was to receive a sacred totem. It turned out that totem received, which was a bear, could latter killed one of the brothers. Kenai got angry and decided to kill it. After the killing incident, an unknown spirit punished Kenai and turned him into a bear. Most people follow the movie, as they want to know the next course of action taken by Kenai to regain his humanity.

The Great Mouse Detective

Another least popular film by Walt though watched up to date is The Great Mouse Detective. It was unveiled in 1986. The animated feature film acclimatizes the Basil of Baker Street sequence produced by Eve Titus. The movie features a toymaker who was kidnapped by Ratigan, who wanted him to make a replica robot of the mouse queen to control the community of the mouse. The toymaker’s daughter enlisted help from Basil. The story in this movie is somewhat dark, but it is a good movie to watch with the entire family.


The list of the least popular Walt Disney movies is just endless, and those explained above are just a few. By just naming, others include Meet the Robinsons, Tarzan, Robin Hood, Hercules, Peter Pan, and The Lost Empire among others. So, if you are a movie enthusiastic and a fan of Walt Disney movies, then you may consider looking at some of his great works that are not popular in commercials and film promotions.

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